Occasionally there is a need to inspect logs from Managed Service for TimescaleDB. For example, to debug query performance or inspecting errors caused by a specific workload.

There are different built-in ways to inspect service logs at MST:

  • In MST portal, when selecting a specific service, under "Logs" tab recent events are available. Logs can be browsed back in time, but scrolling up several thousand lines is not very convenient.

  • Command-line client supports programmatically downloading logs. avn service logs -S desc -f --project your-project-name your-service-name will show all stored logs.

  • REST API endpoint is available for fetching the same information two above methods output, in case programmatic access is needed.

Service logs included on the normal service price are stored only for a few days. Unless you are using logs integration to another service, older logs are not accessible.

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