Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2-Step Verification or 2FA) in Managed Service for TimescaleDB (MST) allows further securing logins by requiring a second authentication code in addition to the user password. 

Currently, MST supports Two-Factor Authentication using the Google Authenticator mobile application.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

  • Install the Google Authenticator application to your mobile device (install instructions)

  • Login to the MST web dashboard and your user profile page by clicking your name at the top toolbar

  • Click the button next to "Disabled" and enter your current password

  • Open the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device and add a new entry by selecting the Scan a barcode option. Point the camera to the QR code visible on the Timescale Cloud web dashboard. It should be recognized automatically by Google Authenticator and a new "Managed Service for TimescaleDB" entry is added to its list of applications.

  • Enter the Managed Service for TimescaleDB number sequence from the Google Authenticator app to the Confirmation code field in the above dialog and press the Enable Two-Factor Auth button

  • Two-Factor authentication is now enabled

Authentication status of project members

The Two-Factor Authentication status for project members can be viewed under the project members view:

Resetting Two-Factor Authentication

If you have lost access to your two-factor authenticator (for example, your phone is lost or damaged), you will not be able to sign in. You can regain access to your account by requesting password reset from login screen, and completing password reset steps. That will also disable two-factor authentication from your account.

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