New TimescaleDB instances are created as a "Service" in your account. To create a Service, browse to a Project and click the "Create a new service" button. The dialog that opens allows you to specify the main service properties:

  • Service name: A short name for the service used to distinguish it from other services. A random name is provided, but you can type in a more friendly name.

  • Service type: You can spin up either a TimescaleDB or Grafana instance. Select the most appropriate version for your needs. If unsure, just go with the latest version.

  • Plan: How many servers and what kind of memory/CPU/disk resources will be allocated to run your service. Not all plans are available on all clouds. Basic plans offer automated backup / restore, although upon node failure, there may be downtime as a new instance is built and restored. Pro plans offer high availability through a hot standby, so that node failures result in minimal downtime. A brief overview on some other compo

  • Cloud: Which cloud and region to run the service on. Note that the pricing of the same service may differ between cloud providers and their regions.

After making the selections, click the "Create" button and you will be taken back to the service list view and the newly created service is shown with an indicator that it is being created.

The "Status" indicator will say "REBUILDING" while the service is being created for you. Once the service is up and running, the light will change to green and it will say "RUNNING".

Note: Typically Service create & start takes a few minutes but the performance between clouds varies and it can take longer under some circumstances.

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