There are four main parameters you can change for each timescale service:

  • Enable termination protection: When Termination Protection is enabled, the service cannot be terminated or powered down from the UI, REST API or CLI. You must disable Termination Protection to terminate or power down.

  • Upgrade PostgreSQL version: If using an older version, you can upgrade to a newer version.

  • Change service plan: This allows you to change the configuration (CPU, Memory and Storage) of your database.

  • Change cloud service provider: You can migrate your service to a different cloud provider (GCP, Azure, or AWS) or a different region. The migration happens in the background and does not affect your service until the service has been rebuilt at the new cloud & region. After this, the DNS name the service uses is pointed to the new region which may cause a short interruption in service while the DNS changes are propagated.

1.0 Making edits to your service

To begin, select the project name and then service name from the left section within your database portal:

Next, select the "Overview" tab and scroll down to see your options:

1.1 Changing your service plan or cloud provider

Select either the "Upgrade Plan" or "Migrate Cloud" option to surface a workflow which will guide you through updating your existing instance. This workflow is the same one you went through when creating a new service.

TIP: Click here to learn more about differences between the different types of service plans such as Pro, Basic, IO-Optimized, etc. If you don't see a plan which works for your needs, please send us a message directly via [email protected]

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