You may have recently received an email which looks something like the following:

Hi there,

Your Managed Timescale service, in project "JohnsSandboxAccount", is running low on CPU. Running low on CPU affects performance and could affect service availability. Please either optimize your usage pattern or reduce the workload, and consider upgrading to a larger plan to avoid service outage.

Have questions or want help optimizing your projects?

That’s what we’re here for - email us at [email protected] or reply to this email at any time.

Team Timescale

These emails are automatically triggered when your consumption has reached 90% of the originally selected plan details, for example, 15GB of a 16GB RAM plan.

While we are currently working to enable automatic updates to plan and configurations, the current upgrade process is short and straightforward. Alternatively, we offer a number of features and functions if you would like to get more out of your existing plan. Details for both are included below.

1.0 Upgrading your service level for CPU, Disk, or Memory.

To begin, select the project name and then service name from the left section within your database portal:

Next, select the "overview" tab and scroll down to see your options:

Select either the "Upgrade Plan" or "Migrate Cloud" option to surface a workflow which will guide you through updating your existing instance. This workflow is the same one you went through when creating a new service.

TIP: Click here to learn more about differences between the different types of service plans such as Pro, Basic, IO-Optimized, etc.

Overall, we recommend jumping up to the next larger plan for whichever parameter (disk, memory, or CPU) is currently being stressed. 

We acknowledge that unfortunately there is not yet the full spectrum of plans available for every step-up increase in one parameter while still maintaining constant the others. Please email us at [email protected] if you don't see any plans which fit your needs.

2.0 Get more out of your current plan with native compression and other solutions.

If you would prefer to keep your current plan, there are a number of optimizations available to potentially free up more resources:

  • Compression - Decreases disk usage dramatically (up to 98% compression in some use cases) but increases CPU usage marginally. Click here to learn more about our native compression and how to configure it.

  • Continuous_aggregations - These are a special type of function which decreases query latency and CPU, with slight increase in disk usage. Click here to learn more about how to start using continuous aggregations.

  • Query optimization through Timescale Support - We can help decrease query latency primarily and potentially also optimize disk usage. Send us an email at [email protected] if you would like to explore a consultative conversation with our engineering team. Our community on Slack is another great source of advice from other Timescale users.

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