Once an automatic or manual maintenance update has been applied, the most recent TimescaleDB version is then made available within the underlying binaries in Managed Service for TimescaleDB, allowing users to go ahead and upgrade their instances. 

In other words, service maintenance updates will not automatically apply the ALTER EXTENSION timescaledb UPDATE; command to the underlying databases, since the users code might depend on running the older version. 

However, the new version of TimescaleDB is available for use.

Following the service update, users must manually upgrade their TimescaleDB databases by performing the following:

First, reconnect to your Managed Service for TimescaleDB instance using:

$ psql <service connection string>

Then, upgrade the TimescaleDB version by running:


To check that the version upgrade happened successfully, run:


If you find that this upgrade did not happen successfully, please contact [email protected] for assistance. Thank you!

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