Context on the problem

A variety of potential issues may cause your background works to temporarily stop.

Overall, restarting the PostgreSQL instance typically resolves the problem - however the administrative restart_background_workers() is not available on Managed Service for TimescaleDB as this is a superuser function only.

Potential solutions

We recommend two potential work-arounds:

1. Run timescaledb_pre_restore
Run the following commands: SELECT timescaledb_pre_restore(); followed
by SELECT timescaledb_post_restore();

2. Power Off and Power On the service
Using the portal UI, navigate to the service in question and select the option to "Power Off" the service, followed by the option to "Power On" the service. This process will unfortunately result in some downtime that’s hard to predict (although often only 1-2 minutes) since it results in some restoration from backup and WAL replays.

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